EbolaGate: US Marines Being Used as Patsies As Elite Activate Next Stage of Flu-to-Coup Plan

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

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October 14, 2014

The Marines on WXXI-TV

Based on WHO numbers that Europe says are off by 69% and a couple of cases of Ebola in the US that no independent party have verified, the US government is acting – ACTING – as though there were a full scale emergency in the US and NYC, run by the Elite, have asked for UN troops to occupy the city.


That is, though thousands of people a day die from many other things that elicit no reaction at all, and things go on as normal, the US is ACTING as though there were full-fledged emergency it can’t handle over 2 people, and foreign troops have been called for in NYC.

Suddenly, Marines are being given flu shots in a “crash course,” supposedly because there is a “panic.”  But ordinary people are not panicking.  Why should they?  The false numbers from the WHO (lab…

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