Spiritual Warfare. Something has gone very wrong…

We came to turn things around…yet things are really upside down!

  • What happened and how?
  • Why aren’t we functioning at optimal levels by now?
  • Why have we not been successful in helping to bring positive change to this world?
  • Why is there so much suffering?
  • Why are the conditions on the planet deteriorating?
  • Who or what is behind this?

Find out what happened and what we can do about it.

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There’s a Battle going on for the soul of mankind

  • The battle is fierce and the opposition is not giving up!
  • They’re clever, strong, resilient, focused and unified.
  • They have cleverly figured out how to divide us – and they are conquering us.
  • They have infiltrated the Light Forces.
  • They know us better than we know ourselves.
  • They’re here to prevent us from realizing our return to God.
  • We are in their lair, as livestock.
  • We have been given Spiritual-Opium.
  • False-Spirituality keeps us disinterested in what is happening in the outer world.
  • As we become complacent, apathetic and indifferent, they advance.
  • We are at the brink of the point of no return.

How do we stop this?

The book provides the reason this is currently happening on our watch and right under our noses. It also sheds insight as to how we can use the opponent’s agenda to our advantage.

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The Deception is Worse than you think…

  1. The Dark Forces have presented themselves in the guise of false teachers and beautiful spiritual truths that make us ineffective to be present and engaged in the world.
  2. They have set us up with a golden carrot of “feel-good” messages and concepts that keep us docile and submissive.
  3. They have an agenda and impeccable work ethics and strategies. We, on the other hand are scattered, divided and ineffective.
  4. Find out about their agenda and their tactics, and how we have been severely decommissioned through False-Spirituality, which has become the weapon of choice to win the battle for the soul of mankind.
  5. False-Spirituality is the “opium” that has made us stand down.
  6. We stand down when we give our power away to false, spiritual teachings,outside sources and events that will “magically” correct the mess we’re in.
  7. This spiritual “weapon” used by the opposition is keeping us numb and desensitized, preventing us from seeing what they’re up to, and from wanting to fix what has gone awry on our watch.
  8. Find out how to detect their tactics and strategies and be ahead of their game. Get ready to become empowered through knowledge.

It’s time to step into our Divine Power and Authority!

Forewarned is Forearmed! 

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