Veterans Today: The Painful Facts

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

VT has unleashed a huge volume of information. . . let’s pay attention. What do you think about their ideas here? ~J
January 1, 2015


The worst possible thing that could happen to this planet is for Jeb Bush to end up in the White House.  We have more than significant evidence that the upcoming election is already over.  Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan and New Mexico have voting systems in place with “hacks” at the ready, all to put Bush in the White House.

The result will be an expanded medium intensity war across Africa and Central Asia, a collapse of the US economy, $5 dollar gasoline, runaway health care prices and a new “dark age” with secret societies and the cabal in Tel Aviv ruling America.

False flag terror attacks are already planned to take the US power grid down for 36 months while a total police…

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