Escalation of Chaotic Nodes and the Dismantling of 3-D Reality

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

October 14, 2014

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

Due to time-acceleration and cosmic forces far beyond your control you are in the midst of a crescendo of interlocking Chaotic Nodes.

In past messages we have referred to the interaction of chaotic events as a Chaotic Node, singular, but in this instance we are referring to a more complex phenomenon—what we are calling Chaotic Nodes, plural.

Depending upon your vibratory resonance you will be affected in unique ways by the escalation of chaotic events. Those of you sensitive to the ecosystem of this planet may be experiencing extreme duress as you witness the degradation of the ecosystem and the loss of many species of life.

Another Chaotic Node, in addition to the Chaotic Node of your ecosystem, is the stress of interpersonal communications. This is a very complex situation, and it is partly due to the shifts…

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Charleston: The Flags to Get Rid Of Are Not Confederate Flags, But False Flags

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Michael Collins wrote an article on Lindsay Graham:  Senator Lindsey Graham is an Idiot

Yes, Graham is an idiot but not at the level it appears.

Graham is a corrupt idiot playing his assigned role in creating a racist fiction around the Charleston false flag attack.  He is doing his bit in the divide and conquer strategy of the corporate elite who used Obama’s speech about the Charleston attack to push through a TPP vote.

Graham’s job is to play a southern idiot who fits the racial stereotype of southern whites held by people in other parts of the country, especially urban liberals.  It’s all part of the government/corporations effort to try to stir up as many divisions and inappropriate hatred as they can.  They are counting the civil war feeling still being alive and well and dredge up the confederate flag as their stereotype.

For anyone with even…

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FCC member: ‘Internet access is not a necessity or human right’

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

© Internet Innovation Alliance
FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly.

Federal Communications Commission member Michael O’Rielly yesterday argued that “Internet access is not a necessity or human right” and called this one of the most important “principles for regulators to consider as it relates to the Internet and our broadband economy.”

O’Rielly, one of two Republicans on the Democratic-majority commission, outlined his views in a speech before the Internet Innovation Alliance, a coalition of businesses and nonprofits (see transcript).

O’Rielly described five “governing principles” that regulators should rely on, including his argument that Internet access should not be considered a necessity. Here’s what he said:

It is important to note that Internet access is not a necessity in the day-to-day lives of Americans and doesn’t even come close to the threshold to be considered a basic human right. I…

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Guided Meditation by Lilian Eden – Light Journey – Chakra Clearing, Balancing

Higher Density Blog

Lilian Eden

Official website-

Lilian Eden, an internationally renowned Metaphysician and Author, is providing you with an exceptional tool toward re-aligning, re-balancing and re-introducing you to your natural state of inner/outer energetic flow through Chakra clearing/balancing. You will, through this unique process, drift into a state of relaxation while being guided toward energetic equilibrium, removing very real stagnant energetic blocks. By re-aligning your inner world, the effects will be mirrored on the outer world. Open your mind and relax into this process of clearing, revitalizing, energizing and balancing your main Chakra Centers…

** Please do not listen to this mp3/video while operating a vehicle/machinery.
* This video/process is a supplementary aid in wellness of the body/mind and Spirit.

To purchase this mp3 or any other mp3 by Lilian Eden, please visit from a laptop or desktop at this time. (Flash site)

**Note: Anyone wishing a copy of “Meet…

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HERE IT COMES – The Frequency Shift Into September 2015 – Dr Simon Atkins’ Predictions – 6-27-15

Higher Density Blog

Image Source

by Martin,

The purpose of this long article is to bring together a number of independent sources of material that together point to the next three months being a highly significant time period culminating in a ‘frequency shift’ towards the end of September.

The initial focus that begins this article is a recent interview with Dr Simon Atkins, a climate risk economist and planetary threat forecaster, whose work Laron has previously covered here on the site.

Building on the subject areas Simon covers in the interview, I’ll then move on to additional material that I’m come across elsewhere – some of which I’ve already written about in the Transients Facebook Group that further points to the second half of September potentially being of huge and unprecedented significance.

These include the CHANI Project, Clif High’s webbot, time-specific events relating to September, prophecies relating to the Pope…

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Connecting Dots and Stirring Pots

Laura Bruno's Blog

Today’s post will look and feel more like a mosaic or pointillist painting. I encourage you to take some time with these links and feel your own way into potentials — both negative and positive — so that you’re clear of what kind of bigger picture you wish to create.

We live in interesting times, for sure — a cauldron filled with so much potential nourishment, growth and even magic, provided we familiarize ourselves with the ingredients and recognize how to use them, as well as which ones we might really want to avoid. Rather than blindly letting someone else do the cooking, we’re all invited to step up to the pot, to check and double-check labels, read recipes, survey ingredients, and then to use all of our available awareness, intention and power to create something just right.

For us.

Right now, we’ve got way too many would be cooks…

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Vatican speaker and California Governor in push for massive depopulation… talk of ‘Planetary Court’ and removal of 6 billion people under new ‘Earth Constitution’ and ‘World Government

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

June 15, 2015

(NaturalNews) The depopulationists are on the move again, pushing hard for the elimination of six billion people on planet Earth in order to bring the planet down to what’s being touted as its “sustainable carrying capacity of one billion people.”

But this time, the depopulation agenda may be codified by the Vatican. Professor John Schellnhuber has been chosen as a speaker for the Vatican’s rolling out of a Papal document on climate change. He’s the professor who previously said the planet is overpopulated by at least six billion people. Now, the Vatican is giving him a platform which many expect will result in an official Church declaration in support of radical depopulation in the name of “climate science.”

“The teaching document, called an encyclical, is scheduled for release on June 18 at Vatican City,” reports “Perhaps with the exception of the 1968 encyclical on contraception…

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