The Depths Of The New Age Deception…………. CO- Opted Awareness

The Second Red Pill

New Humanity/New Earth/OPPT/Fix The World/Agenda 21/Pied Pipers/

After recently looking into the background of an individual called Hope Moore who has had various crowdfunding campaigns to help her raise money so she can present her QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) to the world, I seem to have uncovered (accidentally) a rather dark deceptive undertone to the alternative/truth movement. First of all I am one of those people that has no doubt that free energy is a possibility and I also believe a lot of Teslas work has been suppressed from humanity in order to maintain the current status quo, I also have little time for governments and the creeping ever so closer totalitarian world state, however at the same time this does not mean I blindly believe everything that the truth or alternative movement espouses. What I am about to present is purely for information purposes and for people to make…

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