Exposing Plans for Ebola-Rabies Spraying is Essential: Are They Related To Jade Helm?  

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

ay 31, 2015

By bringing together scattered documented information, it is possible to see the plan to spray the public with Ebola-Rabies vaccines (that is, with the virus) and create a false pandemic emergency. 

As you read the rest of this article and see how real this is, please be asking yourself if the spraying of lethal viruses dovetail with Jade Helm in any way since a pandemic (“whether real or promulgated” in Kissinger’s words) are central to a coup here and whether Jade Helm may be part of that.  The article does not answer the question posed by the title because don’t know enough but certainly we need to expose the ebola-rabies spraying threat regardless to bring enough light on it to make it difficult to go forward with it.

The current situation with mandated vaccines

Right now, in the midst of a controversy about whether the…

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