On June 5th, Pope Francis Will Announce the Catholic Church Is Preparing For Alien Contact

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth



Is there a technologically and intellectually advanced sentient species elsewhere in the galaxy? Pope Francis believes so and on June 5th will not only announce his intention to prepare the human species for contact, he will denounce the transnational corporate capitalist system that is currently contaminating the planet with toxic consciousness.

According to constitutional and public interest lawyer and educator Daniel Sheehan, the Catholic Church is actively preparing for the discovery of and contact with a highly advanced sentient alien species. He spoke today at Contact in the Desert 2015, a landmark UFO conference in Joshua Tree in Southern California, where he described what will be a historic papal encyclical decree calling for nothing less than the disassembly of the power structures that are destroying our civilization and preventing us from joining an enlightened galactic partnership.

Sheehan’s speech started with a summary of his work as a people’s advocate…

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