Are Judges and Lawyers Around the Country Finally Realizing Its Game Over? | Pennsylvania Court…

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Source: via two emails . . . and I cannot copy the article from the site ūüôā ~J¬†
Thanks to C. and R.

Click Here to read the article: Pennsylvania Court Watch

I hope this article is expressing the truth, and especially in Pennsylvania!  It is time for any of those with the state, who assisted with, or hid these crimes and injustices, including any lawyers, HOA boards, maybe judges, or former judges, and other accomplices, like banksters, or those in the insurance industry, who had any role in these horrific crimes and injustices to be held accountable.  Especially, in the HOA criminality, frauds upon the courts, legal abuses and property thefts, as well as all those involved in the bank/lender fraudulent foreclosures and related. These criminal syndicates, using and abusing innocent people and the courts, need to be charged, prosecuted and their victims rectified!   The worst form of abuse…

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