Peter Kling: Christ coming as soon as 2017; Judgement for hidden controllers – move into Love or leave planet

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

By Alfred Lambremont Webre


VANCOUVER, BC – Hermeneuticist and author Peter Kling discusses the events of the Jesuit Pope Francis Bergoglio Latin American visits during June 2015; the planned Yom Kippur/Tetra Lunar Eclipse Sept 23, 2015 – Oct 11-12, 2016 False Flag; the post 2015 UN Millennial Goals, adding an hermeneutical evaluation that Christ may come as soon as 2017 with a Judgment for the hidden controllers including the Giants (nefilim); the ancient Vampires, the cone heads, the war merchants and the Bauer and other front families, etc. – “Move into Love or leave the planet.”


Letters to Earth

By Peter Kling

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