Breaking – 86 Year Old Woman Raided and Ransacked for Saying “Holocaust is the Biggest and Most Persistent Lie in History” on German TV – Who are the Real “Nazis?”

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The article below is published in connection with this previous article/video, HellStorm (History that’s not written by the winners)

As is this video about Adolf Hitler, from my old blog,The Greatest Story NEVER Told

Saturday, June 6, 2015 8:07
(Before It’s News)
Thanks to H. 

This 86 year old German lady looks pretty harmless.  But apparently she presents a grave danger to the corrupt establishment in Germany and all of Europe.  Back in March she appeared on German national TV to directly challenge the Holocaust – a first for post WWII Orwellian Europe.  Her house was just raided and ransacked by German police.  She will face five years in prison if convicted – a likely death sentence for an 86 year old woman.  Here is the source (in German):

Here is the video that sparked so much controversy:

Ms. Haverbeck joins a growing list of thought…

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