Going Beyond Gandhi’s Non-Violent Resistance to Quantum Joy and Changing Reality

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth


We need to go beyond Gandhi because there’s been a two step destruction of non-violent protests beginning first with Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize speech.

Step One:  Take down Gandhi and Martin Luther KingThe Controllers want global war for global imperial control for a global elite.  The bulwark against war is peace, and the two men who most helped ordinary people – and brown and black at that – achieve decent lives for themselves through peaceful means were Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King.  Obama’s job was to pull the legs out from under them.  He did his job – he  targeted the two of the greatest champions of peace in history, and very idea of peace itself,  not only subverting Gandhi and Martin Luther King and their universal gift of a means to peaceful change, but declaring unending war and morally justifying it.

Mr. Change had arrived with…

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