Your 5 Steps To Tip The Balance Toward Good For This Planet and Humanity [SCROLL DOWN FOR SIMON PARKES VIDEO]

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

June 17, 2015

Right now we are all being inundated with some of the most disturbing threats the world has ever been exposed to, and all at the same time and across many areas – imminent financial collapse, nuclear war, collapse of the environment, EMPs, deadly epidemics, endless police state brutality, DARPA mind-control and torture weapons, chipping of all humans, vaccines as bioweapons, earthquakes, droughts, food shortages, chemtrails, radiation and dead oceans, genetically engineered everything, etc.

This is not accidental.  Our beliefs create reality and our beliefs are being guided toward fear in order that the powers who are still trying to take control of the world can accomplish their plans.

Simon Parkes says that those doing this have only until 2017 [see video below ~J]to achieve their NWO or they will never be able to.  And he recently said that right now we are in a…

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