Planet Nibiru Confirmed By Google Sky?…. Holy Cow…..

Mission Galactic Freedom


WoW… Is this NIBIRU on Google Sky…. Holy shit if it is!!..MayDay MayDay Alert I just checked-in, U can easily see a Horned planet on-it, a sample image  hav been given below??, Remember guys this Cordinates were blocked for so many years…. Now they are finally revealing this SHIT… it makes you wonder if thats the original image that was hidden and now 8 years later its a whole lot closer.. so they just popped in the old image to cover up the much bigger version Could this be the Legendary Nibiru? These are The Google Sky Coordinates. 5 h 42m 21.0s 22° 36′ 45.7″ this shld have been here by 2012 but its been 3 years Late behind schedule….Will it come or Wont? Will know for sure

Pls Also Check earlier update this week for the same

Something is Affecting the Entire Solar System – Sun’s Magnetic Field 230%…

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