Charleston: The Flags to Get Rid Of Are Not Confederate Flags, But False Flags

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Michael Collins wrote an article on Lindsay Graham:  Senator Lindsey Graham is an Idiot

Yes, Graham is an idiot but not at the level it appears.

Graham is a corrupt idiot playing his assigned role in creating a racist fiction around the Charleston false flag attack.  He is doing his bit in the divide and conquer strategy of the corporate elite who used Obama’s speech about the Charleston attack to push through a TPP vote.

Graham’s job is to play a southern idiot who fits the racial stereotype of southern whites held by people in other parts of the country, especially urban liberals.  It’s all part of the government/corporations effort to try to stir up as many divisions and inappropriate hatred as they can.  They are counting the civil war feeling still being alive and well and dredge up the confederate flag as their stereotype.

For anyone with even…

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