Guided Meditation by Lilian Eden – Light Journey – Chakra Clearing, Balancing

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Lilian Eden

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Lilian Eden, an internationally renowned Metaphysician and Author, is providing you with an exceptional tool toward re-aligning, re-balancing and re-introducing you to your natural state of inner/outer energetic flow through Chakra clearing/balancing. You will, through this unique process, drift into a state of relaxation while being guided toward energetic equilibrium, removing very real stagnant energetic blocks. By re-aligning your inner world, the effects will be mirrored on the outer world. Open your mind and relax into this process of clearing, revitalizing, energizing and balancing your main Chakra Centers…

** Please do not listen to this mp3/video while operating a vehicle/machinery.
* This video/process is a supplementary aid in wellness of the body/mind and Spirit.

To purchase this mp3 or any other mp3 by Lilian Eden, please visit from a laptop or desktop at this time. (Flash site)

**Note: Anyone wishing a copy of “Meet…

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