Dutchsinse: 7/26/2015 — LAFAYETTE LOUISIANA ACTORS AND SOCIAL MEDIA “PROFESSIONALS” PLAYING FAKE “CONCERNED CITIZENS” . . . plus links to reports on the two recent earthquakes. . .~J

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Caught red handed, fake “concerned” citizens ALL happen to be social media experts and media marketing students / teachers? Also, one full blown actor from Lucasfilm?!


Full video explanation here:


Thanks to Freeradiorevolution for putting out his video, watch it here:

Here they are in all their paid pet shillacious social media “expert” glory.

Watch the original NBC video here with the fake social media expert actors playing “concerned citizens”:


The social media “experts” are about to learn the REAL social media lesson.. let’s teach them.. starting with the Doctoral TEACHER who is pretending to be a peppy “citizen”… meanwhile she lists her specialty as “persuasion + social media”.

Dr. Lauren Auverset teaching social media and communication at the University of Alabama, formerly doing Public relations at University of Louisiana at Lafayette:


lauren auverset crisis actor false flag fake interview lafayette louisiana


Next we have social media expert and marketer…

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