There Is No Science of Big Agriculture



There is no valid science underlying Big Agriculture’s practices, just empiricism. While propped up by cheap, plentiful fossil fuels and aquifer water, along with massive government subsidies, Big Ag has been successful at concentrating power and wealth, maximizing poison usage for profit and for poison’s own sake, building a modern commodified agricultural input sector (aka agribusiness), and attaining three desirable (from the corporate point of view) socioeconomic outcomes: dispossessing and disenfranchising vast numbers of people by driving them off the land, rendering this mass available as inexpensive industrial labor, providing cheap calories for this proletariat.
Although the second is no longer a goal, the first and third (nowadays as cheap calories for cheap consumerism) continue in full force.
Therefore the empiricism has been successful, but the science is 100% against the basic ideas and practices.
1. Industrial agriculture is based on a completely false and anti-scientific view…

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