Empower New Ways of Being Human


Old and New Paradigm Perspectives

New Paradigm Shift

By: wanttoknow.info
Our world appears to be making a profound shift to a new paradigm.

The below comparison is an attempt to capture the spirit of the old and new without making one better than the other, yet also inviting us to join in welcoming inspiring new ways that support us all in being the best we can be and making positive differences in our lives and world.

New Paradigm Comparisons

Old: Man is born into sin, essentially corrupt at the core.
New: All people in their core essence are beautiful and worthy of love.

Old: Hatred and vengeance are justified for wrongs suffered. An eye for an eye.
New: Love is the most transformative force. Forgiveness is an act of courage and compassion.

Old: Don’t show real feelings, or you will get hurt. Create a convincing persona to present to the world.

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