Director Clint Eastwood Just Made a HUGE Announcement About Donald Trump!

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Here is someone who feels the way I do! So many of you seem to think Trump is cabal, but DO YOU REALLY KNOW?

A reader left a link in a comment to a site on which someone has decided Trump’s nefarious past makes him a bad candidate for the Presidency. Frankly, I’m not impressed. An unknown has put up this site, and do we really know if it hasn’t been done by trolls? This site says it’s all about finding the Manchurian Candidate, but is that what is really important? Instead, you think they might be investigating people like the Bushes — the entire bunch of them!

The link is largely about Trump’s parents and their dark lives and a lot of ugly photos (photoshopped?) with symbolic handshakes, etc.

Yes, it would seem that if Trump has turned against the cabal, his parents were certainly excellent teachers! Just like Putin, also mentioned in the article as KGB…

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