Donald Trump just stopped being funny, by Matt Taibbi

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

This article tells me pretty clearly that the establishment is running scared of Trump.


I sent it to a friend, who responded with several interesting statements. Instead of sharing them with you, I’d like you to look at this article — deeply think about about, and then ell me what you think about it. To what sort of people is it addressed? What is the message? Why? When you read it, what is your initial feeling about it? Mine was total dissonance on an energetic level. It didn’t sit right, but I didn’t understand why. 

My friend’s statements were about the facts of the situation. Mine likely would be more about the logic.

Do you wanna have a go at it  ‘in the privacy of your own home’ — before I publish our own thoughts? Maybe you will begin to get the idea of the subtlety being employed here — and maybe it’s not even…

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