Simon Parkes’ Special August 15th Newsletter regarding CERN and its inability to cut us off from Source.

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

15th August 2015
Thanks to G

Today at least 500 people in different countries around the world worked together to achieve a remarkable result. The CERN device unfortunately failed to operate at 3am BST when the controllers tried to sneak an early operating start.  By the time you had concluded the meditation the device was only partially operational and did NOT operate at full power.  Humans are still connected to Source and the balance has been maintained. This is the second time the device has failed when pushing the parameters of the multi-verse.



13th August 2015

After a great deal of work and many pitfalls on the way we now finally have our first ‘Connecting Consciousness Global Action Group’ newsletter.  Normally a first edition of any new undertaking starts off with a celebration and recognition of how that position was finally arrived at.  However situations…

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