The Panic Is Spreading And Fast. It’s Finally Here!


From The Wealth Watchman

Epic Rout

Folks, the panic is spreading, and fast.  This is the moment you and I have prepared for, for years. It’s finally here.  The controllers are no longer able to convince folks of the ‘recovery’ story, with massaged, fluffy jobs numbers, or double-speak about a rosy stock market.  Indeed, all that work of propping up markets with endless buying & propaganda seems to be fracturing good and hard.

Last week kicked off the global equity bloodbath on a colossal scale. Over the weekend, everyone held their breath, wondering just how bad things would be, and whether Beijing would be willing(or even able) to hold the Shenzen stock exchange line, at the 3,500 level.  Sadly, it didn’t take long for them to find out.  Within mere seconds after the market opened, they got their answer (as this image from “China Xinhau News” vividly demonstrates)…

China crashInvestors…

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