Thomas Deegan’s Amended Case Document . . . a case already won, a case that has the possibility to free us from the military.

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

My question: why can’t people put aside their differences
to get this job done? 

(I think we all know the answer 🙂 

Click here to read the document:
Amended Case 15-0491

(Screenshot of a portion of the first page)

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 6.10.00 PMA random sampling of the screenshots accompanying this
Amended Document. . . tells it all.

They’ll probably take down my blog now,
because I’ve finally published these 🙂 

state police dab 1joe manchin dab 1judiciary dab 2state police dab 1

manchin 1dept of military affairsmanchin 2wvscoadept of military affairsCorporation Supreme Court Image 1


(DJ IE «: IE    ‘IQ IE fnl

De  laration of Service   lffi    SEP    4 2015

I, –.L        ::::.£:l:::-:!2::.!::.                                         :…::            , do hereby declare pr        ·                                       1


aver, and asse    that I, under full liability and complete transPf-flcv,0t>’i’ivtn’e

t(IK     day of September, in the Year of our Lord two thousand fifteen,

caused to be served in Hand, a tru       accurate and complete copy of Amendment to Complaint and Demand to                 e            5

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