Tomato Bubble: EXCERPTS FROM HITLER’S REICHSTAG SPEECH . . . more false reality bites the dust. ~J

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Mein Side of the Story: Key World War 2 Addresses of Adolf Hitler


DECEMBER 11, 1941 (4 Days after Pearl Harbor)
*Full speech contained within ‘Mein Side of the Story’

Why is there now another American president determined to incite wars and, above all, to stir up hostility against Germany to the point of war? National Socialism came to power in Germany in the same year [1933] that Roosevelt came to power in the United States. At this point it is important to examine the factors behind current developments. 

First of all, the personal side of things: I understand very well that there is a world of difference between my own outlook on life and attitude, and that of President Roosevelt. Roosevelt came from an extremely wealthy family. By birth and origin he belonged to that class of people that is privileged in a democracy and assured of advancement. I myself was only the child of a…

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