Remember I Told You: All Our Problems Came from the Illuminati!

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth


The world is in a mess, in case you did not notice. For any journalist out there, one look at the headlines mirrors a reality right out of a Stephen King psychological horror. Migrants swarm into the European Union, America and Russia on the brink of war, ISIL chopping off heads, aren’t you astounded yet? Perhaps Hollywood made too many Die Hard flicks? Maybe most of the world is either immune or ready for the end perhaps? Let’s take a brief snapshot of a week in our surreal existence, a window into controlled media’s expression of our Orwellian fantasy turned real.

Zeit (TIME)

A colleague of mine, Dutch researcher Holger Eekhof, he called last week livid over a clear cut case of propaganda ad nauseam from his favorite German magazine, Zeit Online. What Eekhof discovered was a reposting of this article to the forefront last week, a cutting…

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