Thomas Deegan calls us to West Virginia . . . before the Pope goes to the United Nations and signs the papers there that will re-enslave us

Action Alert!

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Tom begins to speak at about seven minutes. I’d advise moving the cursor forward to that point. I also suggest you follow along by reading  as you listen to the conversation. I think it will hasten your understanding of our present situation. 

This is IT, people. Nothing more to say! It’s now time for action. Ge the word out and if you can make plans to get to West Virginia. 

Our good Reader, to whom I offer my deepest thanks for helping with all of Tom’s calls, has transcribed the last night’s call, working all day on getting this to you. I believe there may be more transcription to come, because near the end of the audio Tom makes a closing statement. ~J

PS I added the boldface print 🙂 

Thomas Deegan Conference Call 9-14-2015. Part 1: Notes Transcribed from link below:
(Please forgive any errors or omissions, SP).

Steve Gronka – Host

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