Obama Must Dump the Neocons and Cooperate with Russia on Syria – US Analyst / Sputnik International

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© Sputnik/ Aleksey Nikolskyi

Jimmy Carter Urges Obama to Solve Syrian Crisis With Russia, Iran

President Obama faces a fateful choice on the Syria conflict, which will have great consequences for the future of the US as well as for Syria, writes US journalist Robert Parry.

“Obama now has the option to cooperate with Putin to stabilize the Syrian regime and pressure erstwhile US ‘allies’ to cut off Al Qaeda and the Islamic State from money, guns and recruits,” says Parry, pointing to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Persian Gulf sheikdoms as sources of covert support for the Sunni extremists.  

“Though that might seem like clearly the best of the bad remaining options, it faces extraordinary obstacles from Official Washington,” the group of neocons and liberal war hawks who make up the foreign policy elite that has presided over America’s worst foreign policy decisions, and who continue to push for “regime change” in Syria.

US Vows to Support Russia’s Anti-ISIL Effort in Syria – German Media

Parry suggests Obama cooperates…

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