Liberals Freak Out Over “Hot Babe” in NRA Ad :) :) :)

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

I think the add is great! We’re the only ones left with guns to stop this insanity. ~J

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 9.21.19 PM

For as much as liberals promote the equality of women, they somehow can’t seem to understand that women who own guns can actually be pretty too.

And they seriously don’t like it when pretty women make a video supporting the NRA and our gun rights.

Well that’s just what happened when popular conservative Dana Loesch made a video for the NRA.

In the video she mentions how important it is to own a gun, because you now, guns save lives.

She says.

“I’m a mom. And just like millions of other women, that’s why we own guns. We’re responsible. We’re law abiding. We’re everything that makes America strong.”

“If a…

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