30,000 Murdered in Argentina while Pope Francis Was Top Jesuit – Millions While Pius XII Was Pope

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth


The twenty-four hour week long electronic and print media saturation coverage of the visit of Pope Francis to a United States of Protestant and Evangelical Christianity majority brings various suspicious to mind.

Though that was a long time ago, that John F. Kennedy overcame anti-Catholic sentiment to become president thanks largely to the wealth and connections of his father, is not the world wondering about being subjected to unconstrained media projected adulation that borders on adoration of Catholic Pope Francis during his dramatically highlighted V. I. P. tour of Washington, New York and Philadelphia, during which he addressed a joint session of Congress, met with the President, spoke before the UN General Assembly, at Madison Square Garden, in Central Park and Philadelphia.

Let’s think. First thing that comes to mind is that the simultaneous visit of President Xi Jingping of a China threatening American deep-pockets world hegemony is being…

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