phillip hudok: Victim of IMPOSTORS—WEST VIRGINIA PIRATES is gaining support world-wide.

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On Sep 26, 2015, at 10:05 AM, phillip hudok <> wrote:

I have been told that support for the legal action taken in West Virginia is gaining support world-wide.

Related: Arnie Rosner ( had asked for media contacts and his initial contact to the State Police Attorneys is now on the homepage of

Go Arnie!

I will attach the three files I sent him that have West Virginia newspaper contact information. I certainly encourage folks contacting them.

I have been contacted by both the Charleston Gazette and Charleston Daily Mail (304-348-5140) who refused to cover our Supreme Court of Appeals filing in the beginning. When I said that they had lost their chance and that I am only doing live interviews, I was told, “but the story has changed!” Boohoo! That means that they don’t understand or care about…

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