The ‘Global Carbon Control Matrix’ Must First Be SOLD To Humanity

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Many, many thanks for this article to a reader here, Doreen Agostino, from her own blog.

Alan Watt viewed this tract of humans as the best informed slaves that ever existed.

To end blatant depopulation through toxic GMO food, chemtrails, fluoride, vaccines, aspartame, processed foods, electromagnetic frequency, perpetual war, Fukushima cover-up and other assault on life requires expanded awareness and peaceful action.

Evidence abounds that climate change and global warming are excuses to execute a ‘planned’ agenda, which is to unite the world under an authoritarian government, and the best way to do this is through a war situation, so there is an all out effort to make it look like MAN IS AT WAR WITH THE EARTH!

The global CO2 ‘management’ regime [carbon credits, carbon taxes, smart meter rationing of utilities and water, restricted property rights…

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