Where We Stand In Real Time, As Pope Francis Attempts To Give Our Children To Soul-less UN

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

 I suggest absolutely everyone listen to Simon Parkes video of September 22nd, and then take time off to prepare for the next weeks. Some people have suggested this collapse will be easy, but I’m not tending to believe it. Water, meds, dry food, dog food, gasoline, get it together. Simon thinks we may well lose the internet, and I’m not sure we won’t lose power.

I feel so sad that Thomas had the answer, and no one would listen. Now, he’s in prison. The D&B screenshots demonstrate that our government is a sham. They got him! 

Simon is somewhat hopeful, so I suggest you listen. ~J


Many, many thanks for this article to a reader here, Doreen Agostino, from her own blog.

Posted on byDoreen Agostino

The ONLY way an illusory authority, including Pope Francis, can deliver humans to the UN illusory…

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