Where We Stand In Real Time, As Pope Francis Attempts To Give Our Children To Soul-less UN


The ONLY way an illusory authority, including Pope Francis, can deliver humans to the UN illusory authority is with our CONSENT!!! [Doreen]

UN Agenda 21, One World Government, Pope Francis, Obama

By Judi MacLeod
In all the hoopla of his celebrated first historic visit to America,  Pope Francis as President Barack Obama’s latest booster must have started his adulation long before taking his first step on American soil.

Borrowing the words of Julius Caesar, “Veni, vidi, vici”, Pope Francis came, he saw and he complained-repeatedly—-about the many ills he attributes to America.

Indeed, when it comes to blaming America, the Pope and the President sing from the same choir book.

The only difference between president and pontiff on their put-downs of America and Her citizens is that the Pope uses a loftier rhetoric that leaves the impression he’s doing it for the poor and the vulnerable.

Frustrating as it is…

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