A new post from Scanned Retina regarding Thomas Deegan’s false arrest . . .with a comment from ~Jean

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

UPDATE: I’ve just put this post up on my old blog, on which I had 10,000 subscriptions, all of which I assume are still active. Let them come for me, but let no one else die!!! I am sick of the lies and deception, when their only intent is to enslave us! Please, please make this post go viral. STOP THIS INSANITY!!! ~J


I’ve been in a kind of shock since they arrested Tom, and I awoke tonight to the realization that the reason for the arrest of Tom is fraudulent, and I think those who signed the documents knew this, because they were on the call and knew what else Tom said, which actually makes them the real traitors to the American people. Tom did, indeed, say to shoot these people, but sadly he had every reason to do so: These people, probably unbeknownst to them, are in the…

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