I was sent an email regarding Oklahoma and a law they passed arguing to be “sovereign”. Fact is the 10th Amendment doesn’t exist in the reconstructed federal system.


Here is my reply:

This is good, but found one BIG mistake.

“Several weeks ago, we passed a law, declaring Oklahoma as a Sovereign state, not under the Federal Government directives.”

This is impossible, the states (because of the 14th Amendment citizenship) are political subdivisions in the federal system. This is all because the 14th Amendment changed our allegiance from state to federal. 
Pre 14th Amendment, de jure hierarchy of creation:
Creator (God) > American People > State Republic > Federal Government
Post 14th Amendment, de facto hierarchy of creation:
Federal Government (false GOD) > State > American People
Here are direct quotes from Dyett v Turner (1968), an AWESOME court case to read and understand…

 “The United States Supreme Court, as at present constituted, HAS DEPARTED FROM THE CONSTITUTION as it has been interpreted from its inception and has followed the urgings of social…

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