Lawful vs Legal: These are NOT the same…



by PatrickHenry2K

Legal and lawful are two VASTLY different ideas although they are very similar…


Here are some examples of the differences:

Killing = unlawful (but can be legal!)
Cannabis = lawful (but is illegal/legalized in certain states)

Obvious question… Which is worse? OBVIOUSLY the plant is the ‘lesser of the two evils’  but how can killing be legal??? MAN-MADE POSITIVE LAW. What people fail to comprehend is that law works like a cake. It works in layers but unless you cut through all the bullshit you can’t see it’s mechanics. There is a hierarchy if you will, just like creation:

Creator (God, Allah, Earth, Bob, etc) created mankind—>

—>Mankind created legal fictions (govts & corporations)

(Under the ‘Hierarchy of Reality’ as I call it, there is no way something God/Mother Nature(Natural Law) made that is unlawful to man. Thats like saying indians are illegal, 

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