Montage Keen, Sunday, September 27, 2015

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

[Veronica was away this past weekend; thus Monty’s message is a bit late 🙂 ~J ]

The false statements, the false promises, the false impression, that those who now meet in America care about humanity, is difficult to observe. They do not care one jot about humanity. All the evidence shows quite clearly that this is so. Many of you still cling to the notion that the Pope is a good man; all I can say to you is, time will tell! The Vatican supports and finances WAR. I again remind you, that it was the Jesuits who planned and carried out the holocaust in Ireland. The Jesuits are heavily involved in the Satanic Ritual Killing of children. Look at their history, not their words. The Mass itself is an expression of this: drinking the blood, eating the body; these things should raise a few eyebrows. They actually show you…

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