REPOST: Epidemic [psychological] depression as a wake up call to humanity — plus a related comment from ~Jean

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

I have been asked to repost this by a reader, who shares: 

“have long been teaching my students that ‘depression’ is a sign that something is right with you, not wrong, the Buddha called it the Noble Truth of Suffering, not the ‘….somethings wrong with you, take this med you’re suffering….’
I ask myself, is this the result of massive awakening? there are stages in the realization of Truth, like the 40 days & nights in the desert, there are long moments of spiritual struggle, questioning reality, questioning oneself….deepening realization into the Truth of reality…..”

Let me also add how grateful I was the first time I heard a doctor call what I went through a SPIRITUAL EMERGENCY. I believe there is a book/more info on this topic HERE. Another wonderful book that exposes the whole medical scam is by the late (some say her death was untimely) Candice Pert…

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