Why does the federal government have so much power? It was NOT originally designed this way…


The ONLY reason the federal government has as much power as it does is because:

1) The RECONSTRUCTION of America after the war between the states changed the power of the people to Feds > States > People.

2) The 14th Amendment NATIONALIZED CITIZENSHIP which took the power away from the states. Prior to this amendment, the states had ultimate power because people were paramount citizens of their state/country NOT the Union (federal government). People > States > Feds

3) FEDERALLY FUNDED public school (indoctrination) taught us the so-called Civil War was fought to free the slaves. That is BULLSHIT. The Civil War, which was started by the UNION, was fought to conquer the states and consolidate power into the Union. Here we are now 140+ years later bitching about the unjust federal government.HERE IS THE REMEDY:

We have a choice to what government we want to give allegiance to…

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