It’s In The Box Not The Process. Destroy The Box


This post offers solutions to ‘dispel’ the darkness we allowed to surround and control us.

By Judge Anna von Reitz: It’s In The Box Not The Process

Pretend that you have ten mice in a wooden box and they all want to get out. Every other week we hear about some new hole in the Box, some new “freedom process” –however, the problem remains because the problem is the Box.

The Box is built of fraud—-identity theft, probate fraud, personage, barratry, semantic deceit, and false claims in commerce. It is time to quit scurrying around trying to escape the Box.

Destroy the box

It is time to destroy the Box.

The Truth sets you free—permanently, without any big expense, without any lengthy process, without any danger of being sucked in again. The Truth is that you have been defrauded and mis-characterized by people on your payroll. So what do you do about that?

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