RT: Russian anti-terror op in Syria LIVE UPDATES

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Published time: 30 Sep, 2015 14:16Edited time: 30 Sep, 2015 18:51

A Sukhoi-34 jet © Vladimir Astapkovich

The Russian military have launched airstrikes against targets of Islamic State militants in Syria. The move was approved after a request from President Bashar Assad to Vladimir Putin, who has also expressed concern about the number of Russian extremists in the Arab country.

  • 30 September 2015

    18:41 GMT

    US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter is sending a Defense Department team to meet with their counterparts in Russia “to ensure that we avoid any inadvertent incidents over Syrian airspace.” He said that he believes that the talks to de-conflict the situation there will be “very constructive.”

  • 18:39 GMT

    Germany does not want the UN to split over the Syrian issue and has called on everyone to support political changes in Syria, said German Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

  • 18:38 GMT

    France welcomes everyone…

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