Putin’s Game Plan — What I Believe, by ~Jean

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Here is my opinion, for whatever it is worth on the so-called game Putin is playing, I say so-called, because I do not believe Putin is playing a game at all, and of course the West has no way, no experience with which to comprehend this.

Here also is what, from my observations of Putin, I have come to believe: He will stick to his mandate: He will go in and help Assad clean out ISIL. He will do it so quickly it will be hard to believe, and so the world will recognize how the West has been lying to them. Then, if he has his way, the fighting will simply STOP.


Putin says over and over again that he believes in the sanity of law, and that he had to receive approval from his Government to do what he is doing. The mandate he was given was all about protecting Russia from…

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