Petition Signatures GONE MISSING: Recall SB277 (Forced Vaccines), a reader, H, shares this info. . . my thanks, ~J

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Are you aware of the missing recall SB277 petition signatures?

?No one knows what’s going on. About 10 days ago we had over 300k signatures. Then we got an additional $150k for paid petitioners to collect – that along with other funds would have brought another 50 – 60 k signatures. Then we also pulled in all the petitions state wide which should have easily put us over the top – my guess was approx. 400k signatures. Now there’s talk of boxes going “missing” at the official registration office where we handed them off to be counted. No one knows what’s going on.”

Sabotaged? Grassroots effort to overturn SB277 forced vaccine bill claim hundreds of thousands of signatures are missing

Now the referendum Facebook page has “disappeared”. Natural News has been unsuccessful in reaching the organizers for comment. I tried it this morning but no luck.

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