Zerohedge: The Largest US Foreign Policy Blunder Since Vietnam Is Complete: Iran Readies Massive Syrian Ground Invasionb

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

  • My belief is that Putin is not really fighting ‘terrorism’ — at the moment, the politically correct way to express it, but that he is actually fighting ‘fascism,’ I first read thisHERE, and it resonates as being true with me.

This morning, I took a bit of time and began to watch again the film,“Crimea, the Way Back Home”. When I heard Putin say (in reference to the elected President of Ukraine’s inability to call in his troops) that the cost of inaction creates terrible consequences, and knowing the leadership capabilities of this man, I have to wonder if Obama and his minions have any idea at all of the power of the force in Putin they have finally unleashed against themselves. I frankly think they do not. I can’t remember that his like has been seen before in our world: a truthful man who has always spoken…

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