Zerohedge: “Nothing But Cattle In An Industrial Processing Facility”

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

 – Remember, also, my words that it is my belief that the root of our problem is in the way the expression of our sexuality has been distorted.

 – When you eat the sort of meat/food described, you are also taking on the energy of the fear in the flesh of these animals. (This is what I have had to remove from my own body.) It’s real, friends, very real.) ~J

Submitted by Hardscrabble Farmer, courtesy of The Burning Platform

There is a growing divide in the country and day by day it grows deeper and more irrevocable. All around us we see the signs, if we look for them, of decay and collapse built into the very system itself.

If you reward indolence, it will become the norm, if we practice wholesale slaughter from the womb to a foreign wedding party others will take the cue. If…

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