What CBS edited out of Putin’s interview: “US is preparing opposition forces to fight Assad, who then flee to ISIS with American weapons” (UPDATED)

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth


September 27, 2015

Kristina Rus

Thanks to Russia Today, the “bullhorn of Kremlin propaganda”, we can learn what parts of Putin’s interview were edited out by the “bullhorn of White House propaganda”.


Putin: There is only one regular legitimate army over there, it is the army of the president of Syria, Assad. And, according to some of our international partners, he is facing opposition, but in reality, in life, Assad’s army is fighting terrorist organizations. You know better than me about the hearings that just took place in the Senate, where the military, Pentagon representatives reported before the senators about what was done by the US for the preparation of the battle group of opposition forces.

First they wanted to prepare 5-6 thousand fighters, then – 12 thousand. At the end it turned out that they prepared just 60. Only 4 or 5 are fighting with arms, and the rest fled…

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