Japan Introduces Advanced Personal Identification Number System

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

I understand in Australia, it is now impossible to get any help from social services (I assume this would be welfare, retirement checks, etc.,) unless you are vaccinated. You see how they work? People must eat, and ‘they’ know this, but are we going to accept this? Are we going to accept TTIP, etc., etc., etc. I hope not!!!  ~J



The new system appears to be of unprecedentedly large scale. From January 2016, Japan plans to use the numbers in its taxation and social security systems and for civil registration during times of natural disaster. However, later they may replace passports, health insurance cards and other essential documents.

Russia, Japan Discuss Economic Cooperation

Local governments will start sending cards with 12-digit personal numbers to every citizen of Japan between October and November, 2015. Permanent cards with photo and identification numbers will be available for free.

For convenience, officials suggested using the short name “My Number” when referring to the system. The government hopes…

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