Jewish Man Rescues Hundreds of Christian Girls From ISIS Sex-Slave Captors

sharia unveiled

ISIS Sex Slaves 1.2 (resized)

Photo courtesy of: vocativ

by, Shane Dixon Kavanaugh | vocativ

A Montreal businessman is on a mission to save scores of women and girls from being sold into sexual slavery by Islamic State militants in Iraq, and thousands of people around the world are joining his cause.

With cold hard cash, Steve Maman pays for the release of Yazidis and Christians from their ISIS captors, who have created a cottage industry out of peddling Iraqi minority women to the highest bidder. What began as a campaign among members of Montreal’s Sephardic Jewish community, to which Maman belongs, has become a global movement with a GoFundMe page that topped a half-million dollars on Thursday.

Video courtesy of: CBN News

The swell of donations and growing global awareness could become a lifeline for some 2,700 young women and girls estimated to still be in captivity behind Islamic State lines.

“We cannot sit and remain indifferent…

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