Obama (un)officially throws in the towel in Syria

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Countries destroyed by the US are turning to Russia for help

Paying for fascism and terrorism: NDAA bill passed by Senate includes $600mln to Syrian terrorists, $300mln to Kiev Nazis

$500 million program ends to train Syrian rebels, Obama administration reports

True to their values: U.S. rejects call for independent investigation of their bombing of Afghan hospital



The last MoA dispatch on Syria concluded:

The U.S. lost the game. It should take up the Russian offer or leave the table.

Despite the bickering from the usual neocon suspects the Obama administration is taking that advice and officially throws the towel:

Mr. Obama’s advisers say there is little they can do to change the situation in the near term. Proposals are being drafted for meetings in coming days, but Mr. Obama has made clear he is not…

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