The Saudi Dynasty: Where Do They Come From and Who Is their Real Ancestor?

Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth

Vatic Note:  Our regular readers know that we have discussed the Saudi’s before.  We could not understand what connection they had to the Israeli’s, since the Saudi’s are definitely allies of Israel.

We speculated that they were khazars since it was the Brits who divided up the Ottoman empire after WW I and gave the land to 6 different sheikdoms, who royalties are turning out to be allies of Israel, so are all those royal families Khazars?  They certainly cannot be semites, which are arabs.

Now we find out that Saudi Arabia is run by the Saudi’s who are khazar Jewish Zionists and is it the connection to the  state of Israel?  We published an article showing the family line of the Saudi Royalty and sure enough it was tied into a Jewish line that I consider Khazarian. …

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